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Optimum Communications Services, Inc. (OCS) is an intellectual property development and holding corporation, with market focus on the Future Internet infrastructure network technologies and services.

This website provides a view of OCS' development milestones and a library of essential technology material on OCS' patented Adaptive-Mesh Future Internet network architecture, as well as accompanying operations, administration and maintenance (OAM) techniques.

Highlights of OCS' Progress

30 August 2022 - Announcement
OCS granted US Patent Nr. 11431783 for Software Defined Networking/Infrastructure (SDN/SDI) techniques, viewable via https://patents.google.com/patent/US11431783

24 November 2020 - Announcement
OCS granted US Patent Nr. 10848546 on techniques enabling Software Defined Networking/Infrastructure (SDN/SDI), viewable via https://patents.google.com/patent/US10848546

18 February 2020 - Announcement
OCS granted US Patent Nr. 10567474 on innovations enabling Software Defined Networking/Infrastructure (SDN/SDI), viewable via https://patents.google.com/patent/US10567474

19 March 2018 - Announcement
OCS granted Indian Patent Nr. 294490 on "A Method for Displaying an Alarm Status for a Set of Network Elements (NEs) in a Communications Network", viewable with application number 2554/CHENP/2009 via http://ipindiaservices.gov.in/PublicSearch/PublicationSearch/ApplicationStatus

13 March 2018 - Announcement
OCS granted US patent 9917883 on techniques enabling scalable and robust network management
Jersey City, NJ - The patented network management system provides reliable performance, irrespective of the system load levels, whereas, with conventional technologies, the performance suffers exactly when it would be most needed, i.e., at times of high levels network management events. The patent 9917883 can be viewed at:

16 February 2017 - Announcement
OCS granted Indian Patent Nr. 280294 on "A System and Method for Data Byte Load based Network Byte-Timeslot Allocation", viewable with application number 2567/CHENP/2009 via http://ipindiaservices.gov.in/PublicSearch/PublicationSearch/ApplicationStatus

26 March 2016 - Announcement
OCS granted Indian Patent Nr. 271135 on "A METHOD FOR MANAGING NETWORK ELEMENTS AND SYSTEM THEREOF", viewable with application number 904/MUMNP/2009 via http://ipindiaservices.gov.in/PublicSearch/PublicationSearch/ApplicationStatus

10 May 2016 - Announcement
OCS granted US patent 9338531 on input status adaptive network multiplexing
Jersey City, NJ - The invention enables intelligent sharing of network data paths among multiple access points. The patent 9338531 can be viewed at:

10 November 2015 - Announcement
OCS granted US patent 9182997 on enabling techniques for Software Defined Networking (SDN) and more broadly on Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI)
Jersey City, NJ - The invention enables direct, binary file transfer based network and remote infrastructure management that avoids the complexity, restrictions and performance drawbacks of intermediate messaging protocols, transaction languages and conversions thereof. Conventional network management system performance degrades when the management capabilities are most urgently needed, e.g., during bursts of messaging and transaction triggering network events such as major network failures. In contrast, the invention provides transparent and flexible operational capabilities with architecturally improved scalability, reliability and performance, especially under heavy load of network management and network data plane event activities. The patent 9182997 can be viewed at:

2 June 2015 - Announcement
OCS granted US patent 9048965 on input status adaptive multiplexing
Jersey City, NJ - The invention enables single clock cycle dynamic network switching, according to timeslot by timeslot input status changes, e.g. based on which of the alternative inputs for a given output channel is active on any given clock cycle. The patent 9048965 can be viewed at:

12 August 2014 - Announcement
OCS granted US patent 8804760 on concerted global and local optimization of network capacity allocation
Jersey City, NJ - The invention enables actually materialized data load based, on-the-spot local re-optimization of network capacity periodically allocated based on global traffic load distributions, to optimally accomodate both macro-level and micro-level traffic load variations. The patent 8804760 can be viewed at:

02 January 2014 - Announcement
OCS granted US patent 8619769 on packet-layer transparent packet-switching network
Jersey City, NJ - The invented forwarding scheme enables secure, fast, flexible packet-switched network connectivity, along with network operations streamlining. The transparent packet forwarding can be used effectively together with L1.5VPNs. The patent 8619769 can be viewed at:

26 September 2012 - Announcement
OCS granted UK patent GB2473990 for packet-layer-transparent packet-switching networking
Jersey City, NJ - The innovation enables strictly secure, ultra low latency, and high throughput packet-switched network services, e.g. MPLS-TP VPNs.
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04 September 2012 - Announcement
OCS granted US patent 8259741 on content adaptive data processing
Jersey City, NJ - The invented techniques enable predictable, high-performance networking and data processing system operation, together with efficient system utilization and optimized throughput:

19 June 2012 - Announcement
OCS granted US patent 8204084 on adaptive multiplexing techniques facilitating bandwidth optimized packet data transport
Jersey City, NJ - The invented techniques automate dynamic circuit switching, enabling optimizing bandwidth of Layer 1 connections according to their Layer 2+ packet load variations:

16 May 2012 - Announcement
OCS granted UK patent GB2473174 on packet by packet data traffic load adaptive network physical layer bandwidth allocation optimization
Jersey City, NJ - The invented technology maximizes network data throughput by automatically adapting bandwidth allocation among network physical layer channels according to their packet data load variations.
(

28 March 2012 - Announcement
OCS granted UK patent GB2456471 on transparent, direct binary file transfer based universal network and system management techniques
Jersey City, NJ - The invented scalable and robust NMS architecture avoids the costs and complexities of messaging, commands, data format conversions etc. non-value-adding intermediate processing, while providing high, and constant, performance at any network configuration, defect event etc. system load levels.
(

21 March 2012 - Announcement
OCS granted UK patent GB2478195 on content adaptive data path processing
Jersey City, NJ - The invention enables high throughput, input data content adaptive, dynamic digital assembly line type data processing.
(

31 January 2012 - Announcement
OCS granted UK patent GB2478196 on hardware controlled, bit time slot accurate, adaptive multiplexing techniques
Jersey City, NJ - The invented data stream bit manipulation techniques useful in area such as bandwidth-efficient, synchronous network access control signaling as well as generally in dynamic data path sharing.
(

7 November 2011 - Press Release and Online News
OCS Announces UK Patent Grants for Intelligent Network Management and Optimization
Jersey City, NJ - OCS receives UK patent protection for key techniques enabling self-optimizing, self-operating networks. The patents in question include GB2456470, GB2456719 and GB2456718.
(

26 July 2011 - Press Release and Online News
OCS Granted US Patent #7,986,713 for Realtime Adaptive Bandwidth Network Physical Layer Connectivity, and UK Patent GB2456719 for Transparent Network and Service Management Techniques
Jersey City, NJ - OCS has gained a patent enabling bandwidth of physical layer connections of communications networks to be continuously optimized according to realtime data traffic load variations. Need for innovation such as this US Patent #7,986,713 is broadly recognized in the industry.
(

12 May 2010 - Presentation
OCS invited to present solar-powered global data center grid network model at Future-Net
Boston, MA - OCS presents around-the-clock solar powered data center grid network model, made economical with OCS' self-optimizing Adaptive-Mesh network architecture:
View OCS Presentation at Future-Net

15 January 2010 - Technology Publication on Solving The Fundamental Economic Challenges of Internet Protocol (IP) Network Services
Making High Bandwidth But Low Revenue Per Bit Network Applications Profitable
Jersey City, NJ - Despite exploding applications traffic growth, IP services profitability has remained elusive for well over a decade. The beginning of a new decade calls the industry to scrutinize and resolve the fundamental reasons why.
(

7 July 2009 - Press Release and Online News
OCS Granted Patent for Traffic Load Adaptive Network Physical Layer
Calgary, AB - OCS has been awarded a patent on its innovation delivering realtime traffic load adaptive physical layer for communications networks. The patent in question can be found with its US Patent Number 7,558,260.
(

27 October 2008 - OCS Attending ORION-CANARIE Summit
OCS' Self-Optimizing Adaptive-Mesh Grid Network Showcased at CANARIE-ORANO Summit
Toronto, ON - OCS participating in the 'Powering Innovation -- A National Summit' conference.
(Read more...)

20 October 2008 - Non-sponsored technology and economics analysis on OCS' Adaptive-Mesh network architecture
Optimum Communications Services -- finally a way out of the zero-sum game?
Guildford, UK - Today's IP and MPLS networks have to manage bursty and unpredictable IP traffic over a layer-1 network that, regardless of the protocol, is composed of fixed bandwidth connections...
(Read more...)

1 August 2008 - Analyst Report on Enterprise Grids
Boston, MA - Conflicting Performance and Cost Requirements for Enterprise WANs Resolvable with Architectural Innovation
Please request a copy by emailing info (at) ocsipholding (dot) com

11 March 2008 - Online News
OCS Earns Patent for Network Throughput Maximization Techniques
Calgary, AB - Optimum Communications Services Inc. has been granted a patent for technology that enables real-time self-optimizing packet switching and transport networks. This patent on network traffic throughput maximization techniques used in OCS' Intelligent Transport Network (ITN) can be found with its US Patent Number 7,333,511.
(

9 November 2007 - Presentation
Edmonton, AB - OCS' presentation at the TRLabs Next Generation Internet workshop:
Impact of Adaptive Layer 1 for Packet Switching Network Cost and QoS

17 August 2007 - Press Release
OCS Granted Patent Enabling Customer-Controllable, Transparent Networks
Calgary, AB - OCS has been awarded a patent on its innovation enabling customer-controllable data routing across service provider networks among the customer sites, such as branch offices, headquarters, data centers and Internet access points. This landmark patent on the transparent, route-table-free packet forwarding mechanism of OCS' Intelligent Transport Network(TM) (ITN) can be found with its US Patent Number 7,254,138
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27 June 2007 - Presentation
Ottawa, ON - OCS Presents On-Demand e-Science Grids based on Adaptive-Mesh Architecture at CANARIE Network-Enabled Platforms Workshop
View OCS e-Science Grids Presentation to CANARIE

3 November 2006 - Press Release
New Technology Vastly Improves Network Performance
Calgary, AB - OCS and TRLabs have successfully completed interoperability testing and performance validation for OCS' patent-pending, self-optimizing Adaptive-Mesh network architecture implemented by OCS' Intelligent Transport Network (trademark) (ITN) technology
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16 January 2006 - Press Release
TRLabs and Optimum Develop High Performance, Fully-Programmable Communications Hardware Platform
Calgary, AB - OCS and TRLabs have announced the successful completion of a joint project to develop a multi-purpose, remotely reprogrammable hardware platform suitable for carrier class data/telecom and computing applications.
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White Papers and Presentations on OCS' Technology and Intellectual Property Solutions

Technical papers on Network Management System (NMS) etc. OAM techniques synergistic with Adaptive-Mesh L1.5VPNs:

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